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Mary Churchill

Mary ChurchillMary is the Executive Director and Founding Editor of University of Venus. In addition to writing at University of Venus and She’s Got It! at Inside Higher Ed, she created Old School, New School at The Chronicle and launched University of Venus as a member of the editorial network at The Guardian (UK). Mary is regularly invited to write and present on the future of education.

Mary is passionate about the role of public engagement in higher education. In her twenty years of management experience, she has tirelessly advocated for a new paradigm of leadership informed by diversity, collaboration, and equity. Mary earned her Ph.D. in Sociology in 2004 and has taught courses in International Studies, Sociology, and Political Science for over ten years. (for further details, refer to her c.v.)

Currently Associate Provost and Dean of Innovation and Partnerships at Salem State University and Faculty Associate at the Middle East Center at Northeastern University, Mary also assists higher education institutions in developing and implementing international strategy and cultural change. She is working on several book projects related to education and is currently courting publishers for her book, Fantastic Reading: Comic Books and Popular Culture.

Married to an amazingly talented librarian with whom she is raising a eight-year old son, she is also active in her local community – the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston where she sits on the boards of Dudley Square Main Streets and Project HIP-HOP.  Originally from the “pets or meat” world portrayed in Michael Moore’s Flint, Michigan; she was the first in her family to attend college.

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University of Venus posts include:

  1. Hi Mary! This is a great BLOG! Check out my website:

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  3. […] social media, Clare Bradford for the accomplishments which brought her to my campus, and finally, Mary Churchill with her ability to juggle so many roles and projects while still maintaining such a warm and […]

  4. […] Mary Churchill (Boston, USA): I create flexible rules: no work between the hours of 7-8 each morning and 6-8 each evening; weekend work in the early a.m. or when my son is playing with a friend. I made a brilliant choice in a husband who does more than his equal share of the family work. What I have always failed to do and what I’m working on now is carving out “me” time for running, swimming, writing, taking photos, and enjoying coffee with friends. […]

  5. […] Mary Churchill (Boston, USA): Once I’m writing, I don’t encounter blocks. It’s the starting that can pose challenges. To jump start the writing process, I do a number of things: eat chocolate, drink coffee, do some jumping jacks, call a friend. If the chocolate is good, that’s all it takes. […]

  6. […] Mary Churchill (Boston, USA): I have witnessed many outrageous experiences in academia but one of the scarier moments was probably when a faculty member in my department called me in the middle of the night and told me to watch my back. He lived less than a mile from my house. […]

  7. […] Mary Churchill (US) I work in two main areas: international program development and cultural change. New program development allows me to help senior leaders on campus realize their dreams and visions for the future of their institutions. It is very exciting and instantly gratifying! I also love the challenge of cultural change. It is extremely difficult and only begins to feel rewarding months after the work has begun but I know that it is important work that needs to be done. […]

  8. […] between naps I found time to email the ever-so-wonderful Mary Churchill, my editor here at the University of Venus to tell her that I was simply incapable of doing a post […]

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