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Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe

Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe is associate director of the office of fellowships and teaches history and American studies at Northwestern University, from which she earned her B.A. (1992). She earned M.Litt. (1994) and M.Phil. (1995) degrees in European History as a Marshall Scholar at Cambridge University before completing her Ph.D. at Princeton University (2000). In her so-called spare time, she fights household entropy, gardens, bakes boozy bundts, enjoys breakfast in Bollywood, and writes scholarly papers about funky monks.

For more, visit or find Elizabeth on Twitter@ejlp and LinkedIn.



Posts include:

From the Tenure Side-Lines (Inside Higher Ed)

Summer’s Labour’s Lost (Inside Higher Ed)

The Geography 0f Hope

Mater: De Facto et De Jure



  1. […] Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe (Evanston, USA): The true answer? I don’t. I attempt an elaborate juggling act, and balls periodically drop. I wrote about my list system on my own blog last summer. I gauge which facet of my life demands the most immediate attention based upon which list is longest. I try to get those balls in the air first. […]

  2. […] Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe (Evanston, USA): For academic writing, nothing works like a deadline. I find it much easier to propose papers for a conference or a collection then meet deadlines imposed by those commitments than to make my own call about when something is ready to submit to a journal for review. My UVenus topics typically come from my desire to opine on current events; I always have an opinion. For my own blog, I turn to my husband’s photography for inspiration when stymied. […]

  3. […] Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe (Evanston, USA): I took my suit jacket off at a summer conference dinner in a hot climate to reveal a sleeveless blouse. The male, senior scholar (whom I have known for decades) seated beside me turned to me and exclaimed loudly: “You have disrobed! Woman, cover thyself!” […]

  4. […] Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe (US) I have “intellectual yenta” written on my white board. I love making the perfect match between student and scholarship then sharing the joy when a dream becomes reality. […]

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