GenX women in higher ed from around the globe

Deanna England

Deanna England is currently the Graduate Studies Officer at The University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. She graduated with an honours degree in Psychology in 1998 and worked in marketing and events for seven years before returning to Academia. She has done absolutely nothing with her honours thesis research on “Religiosity and Neuroticism’s Effects on Death Anxiety” but does enjoy quoting Freud whenever she can. She recently started her Master’s degree in English with a Focus in Cultural Studies exploring chosen cultures including women’s identification with the erotic community.

Deanna can be reached at and is the mastermind behind the University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Facebook page and Twitter account.

  1. […] Deanna England (Winnipeg, Canada): At times it feels like “work” and “life” is the same thing! When I’m not working, I’m reading, writing papers; researching…you all know how it goes. I am crazy about calendars and schedules though. I slot in x hours for reading, assignments etc for the entire semester. If something comes up and I miss it, then I do double the next day to make up for it – as determined as I am to do well in this program, I can appreciate that things like family and personal time has to be worked in there sometimes too… Good time management is a skill I’m working on. […]

  2. […] Deanna England (Winnipeg, Canada): I’m not convinced I have a firm technique to deal with this, but when I’ve encountered writer’s block in the past, I generally engage in a form of auto-writing. I just start typing and don’t worry about topic constraints and style. It’s amazing how the subconscious is constantly analyzing and creating. I’m often surprised with the end result but typically find something I can work with and expand on. […]

  3. […] Deanna England (Winnipeg, Canada): I once had an instructor for a Directed Readings class, we had a meeting scheduled on the 4th of July and he didn’t show up. The department secretary was kind enough to dial him at home, and when I asked what he was doing, the response was “sitting in my bathtub wrapped in an American flag, drinking gin.” As he was American, it seemed like a reasonable response… […]

  4. […] Deanna England (Canada) As simple as it sounds, I find that the most satisfying part of my job is when I have the ability to help someone – student, faculty or administrator, accomplish one of their goals. Whether it’s facilitating a new program proposal, assisting with a scholarship application or writing a report for an external agency; it all helps make the University a richer and more diverse place to work and study. […]

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