GenX women in higher ed from around the globe

About UVenus

Who are we?

The University of Venus is a collaborative venture bringing together the voices of GenX women in higher education from around the globe.

While some of us have over 20 years of work experience under our belts, we plan to work at least 40 more. We are at the third-career point – a transition point for many of us – reflecting upon where we’ve been, were we want to go and how to get there. We are the “new breed of heroes” that Tamara Erickson writes about; we are women in higher education. As GenXers, we take a multidimensional point of view. We are the first generation to embrace difference in society: racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, national, religious, and linguistic. Drawing upon our extensive networks, we will bring many voices to the conversation, highlighting higher education issues around the world.

This is the alternative university voice, the University of Venus.

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