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What’s New at University of Venus? 18 February 2012

In Announcements on 2012/03/14 at 07:58

What’s New at UVenus:

●  UVenus was mentioned in 109 Low, The Newsletter of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Columbia University, with a link to Anamaria Dutceac’s recent post.

What’s New With Our Writers:

●  Janni Aragon attended a Town Hall and Live Tweeted the proceedings and she  attended the Canadian Political Science Association pre-conference Chairs’ Meeting. Janni is also enjoying extra meetings during the students’ Reading Break!

●  Rosalie Arcala Hall was reappointed member of the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Technical Panel for Political Science. The Technical Panel formulates standards for tertiary educational institutions in the Philippines offering bachelors and graduate degrees in Political Science.

Our Writers At Other Blogs:

●  Janni Aragon offered some advice to undergraduates thinking about life postgraduation  responded to Liana Silva’s post about the importance of supportive networks and is thinking about how organization is useful.

●   Ernesto Priego wrote about continuity in periodical comic books on the Comics Grid and wrote about the spectre haunting Britain: the spectre of Charles Dickens… on Replicante Mag. [Spanish] Ernesto also storified the Digital Publishing Forum on “Measuring the Reader” at University College London and The Comics Grid was featured with a profile at the Comics Bulletin!

●   Lee Skallerup Bessette explains her digital humanities project at the Editing Modernism in Canada site and also gets back to the business of editing her book on Dany Laferriere.

●   At her blog Speculative Diction, Melonie Fullick discussed the difficulties of teaching teacher candidates about knowledge from beyond the school walls, and examined the proposed “teaching-intensive” universities in Ontario.

●   Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe collapses with indecision over how to spend her exercise time.

Coming Up:

●   Rosalie Arcala Hall received word that their team’s bid to conduct an impact evaluation of KALAHI-CIDSS (anti-poverty) program in the Philippines under the (US) Millennium Challenge Fund was approved. Kudos to colleague Dr. Cristina Lim of Ateneo de Naga University for putting together the bid. Rosalie is scheduled to lead a team of field researchers in Western Visayas for data gathering in April and May. Bring it on! Rosalie joins Dr. Agnes Rola of U.P. Los Banos team as Political Science expert in the water governance proposal, which moved onto a next stage in the competition for Emerging Interdisciplinary Research in the UP System. Fingers crossed, we get funded and start rolling by July.

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