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What’s New at University of Venus? 7 January 2012

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What’s New at UVenus:

  • University of Venus at Times Higher Ed’s THE Scholarly Web featuring Deanna England on the positive qualities of professors.
  • University of Venus was mentioned as a group working towards “creating new futures in education” in “Forays into the Future of Work” by Lex Schroeder in

What’s New With Our Writers:

  • Janni Aragon  was interviewed by the Saanich News about women in politics  and by CFAX 1070 Radio about the Iowa Caucus Results.
  • Lee Skallerup Bessette published a book review in the most recent CEA Forum and her blog College Ready Writing was named on of the best Non-Academic Blogs to read for 2012 by (a site for recovering humanities graduates).
  • Lee Skallerup Bessette and Mary Churchill were prominently mentioned in Andrea Doucet’s piece in The ChronicleScholarly Reflections on BloggingOnce a Tortoise, Never a Hare.
  • Mary Churchill’s photo, “Eminent Domain,” was included in the group photography show, Space, at UForge Gallery in Boston. The show opened Thursday, January 5 and will be up through January 29. Eminent Domain is part of Picturing Roxbury, a photography project  focused on capturing the rapidly changing urban landscape of her Roxbury neighborhood in Boston.
  • Ana Dinescu published a book review in the CEU Political Science Journal, the December 2011 issue. She also signed a contract to publish a book covering her PhD topic, on the interethnic relations and intellectual representations in post-communist Romania. The book will be published in Romanian. An English version will be announced in the next six months.
  • Melonie Fullick’s posts on depression in Ph.D. students and Lee Skallerup Bessette’s posts on taking action for adjunct faculty were mentioned in McMaster University’s Public Intellectual Project’s 2011 Retrospective on Higher Education and new Ph.D.s.
  • Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe’s review of Snow HillIn the Shadows of the Ephrata Cloister appears in this month’s edition of The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography.
  • Liana Silva found out she will be presenting at this year’s EMP (Experience Music Project) Conference, which will take place in New York City.

Our Writers At Other Blogs:

Coming Up:

  • Janni Aragon  is participating in the Human Library at Spectrum High School. She will give a presentation about Young Adult Literature and Politics.
  • Bonnie Stewart will be featured on the CBC’s The Sunday Edition across Canada on January 8th, discussing the phenomenon of monetization in momblogging and social media.

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