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What’s New at University of Venus – 24 September 2011

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UVenus Around the Web:

  • Our UVenus networking challenge was highlighted at The Guardian (UK)
  • The University of Warwick builds on the UVenus challenge and creates their own.

What’s New With Our Writers:

  • Lee Skallerup Bessette just had a paper accepted in the Canadian journal, Open Letter, a special issue on collaboration in Canadian Literature. The paper, titled “Any differences betweenour versions and Scott’s…” : Collaboration, Anxiety of Influence, and a Translation of Anne Hebert’s “Le Tombeau des rois,” questions when a collaboration becomes a collaboration.
  • Mary Churchill is working with ADVANCE Northeastern: Advancing Women in International and Interdisciplinary Networks.
  • Ana Dinescu’s review was published in the September 2011 CEU Review of Political Science(vol.6, no.3) – “Peter Gatrell and Nick Baron (eds.), Warlands. Population.Resettlement and State Reconstruction in the Soviet-East European Borderlands, 1945-50.”
  • Melonie Fullick was a member of the panel for the Guardian Higher Education live chat on student consumerism in postsecondary education.
  • Ernesto Priego heard the first advance copy of 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die(edited by Paul Gravett, with an introduction by Terry Gilliam; Octopus Books 2011) has been seen. Ernesto wrote 7 entries on classic Mexican comics for the volume. The book will be unofficially launched on 8th October in London. Ernesto also gatecrashed the Guardian Higher Education Network’s “Using social media to enhance student experience seminar” using their hashtag #studentexp. Some highlights of the discussion were “storified” here.

Our Writers At Other Blogs:

Coming Up:

  • Lee Skallerup Bessette will be presenting at the Canadian Women Writers Conference in Toronto on October 27-29. If you’re in the area and interested in the conference, please check it out.

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