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Three Months Later – Talk of Non-Profit Status, an Advisory Board, and a Summer Leadership Camp

In Conversations on 2010/04/30 at 09:00

MARY:  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three months! I feel like so much has happened with the University of Venus. When we started this adventure, I knew that we wanted to get our voices out there and that we wanted to be heard – to find a way to break through the very senior (60+), very male, and very white higher education leadership world we operated within.

MEG:  And we also wanted to engage a global voice in our conversations about higher education.  I think we have made a good start.  What next?

MARY:  Good question. We didn’t really know what UVenus was going to look like, how it was going to be received, or who was going to “like” it.

MEG:  One thing that I learned in writing my blog posts is that I wasn’t really sure what story I was going to tell until the post was written.  I think starting University of Venus has been the same way, evolving into what it is.  We didn’t know what to expect.

MARY:  Now, our talk is along the lines of “So now what?” – Great, we have the blog, the writers, the readers, a mission – is this it? Is there more? How do we move to the “change higher education” part? The “empower the next generation of leaders” part? Yesterday, we started talking non-profit status and kind of what does that look like?

MEG: We are women of ACTION.  We want to take the next step and move forward with our blog adventure.

MARY: What should we do? Some thoughts – conference, summer leadership program for women 25-45, and a summer leadership camp for high school girls. We could focus on globalization, technology, activism, networking, empowerment, and collaboration.

MEG:  Our next phase is emerging as becoming more professional, more organized, and offering more to our readers and writers.

MARY: I agree. In talking strategy and next steps, we talked about reaching out to some senior women and men who could act as a sort of Advisory Board – helping us to take our vision to the next level.

MEG:  And we talked about reaching out to some younger women to help us raise our game in the world of social media.  I am very excited about these next steps.

MARY:  There is also the book project – getting our proposal to publishers. The focus on changing higher education through the empowerment of the next generation of global leaders in education.

MEG:  There are so many ways to go, and we want to try them all!

MARY:  Thanks for joining with us on this continued adventure and thanks for your feedback. We will be back on Monday with some minor operational tweaks and more BIG IDEAS!

  1. this is brilliant – i can’t wait to see how it all plays out… good work keep it up!

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